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Why apply? Filling out an application takes a little more time and effort, by taking the time to fill out this application it shows your dedication! I genuinely care about my clients and want to help them succeed. I know it can feel scary to try something new, or ask for help but if you are ready

to work, I am all in with you!

Application for Personal Training 

ALL training is tailored to the individual. No cookie cutter programs. Everyone is different and has different needs/goals. Pricing will vary based on the individual, I will do my best to accommodate!

I have In-Person, Online, Hybrid, and Total Wellness available.

To learn more about styles of training click each style: 

In-Person     Online     Hybrid     Total Wellness

Once your application is submitted I will contact you for scheduling! 

Limited Spots Available 

Do you have a doctor’s permission to participate in intense physical activities?
Are you a member at Bionic Barbell?
Are you interested in Wellness Coaching along with Personal Training?
What type of Personal Training are you interested in?
Nutrition Help?

I'll Contact You Soon!


Limited Spots Available. Combining Mental and Physical Health. 

Ready to make a true transformation inside and out? 



Total Wellness


Limited Spots Available. 

In-Person Training is great for someone who is new to fitness, ready to learn, gain more confidence in the gym, needs more accountability, or just enjoys the routine of human interaction! 

Pricing will vary, based on frequency of sessions (1xWeek, 2xWeek, 3xWeek, etc.)  and location of sessions (Bionic Barbell, or Private). 


Limited Spots Available. 

Online Personal Training is great for the person that is a little more autonomous, has experience with exercise, may just want a plan to follow, has difficulty scheduling in-person sessions, or is located outside of Las Cruces. We will utilize a FREE App called TrainHeroic to access your custom workouts. The App is comprehensive, and has video examples for ALL exercises listed. 

Pricing will vary, based on duration of training plan desired (4, 6, 8, 12 Week Plans) and frequency of check-in's (1xWeek, 2xWeek, 3xWeek) 



Limited Spots Available. 

Hybrid Personal Training is suited for the person who has some experience training, is autonomous, but still wants to learn new things, likes routine, needs human connection, would like a professional holding them accountable, but may have a limited availability for In-Person Training. With Hybrid Training, we will utilize the FREE App TrainHeroic where I will upload your custom plan that you can accomplish on your own, however still have In-Person sessions as your availability permits. Hybrid Training is also available for people outside of Las Cruces, but "In-Person" Sessions will be on Zoom. Pricing will vary based upon duration of training plan (4, 6, 8, or 12 Week), and frequency of In-Person Sessions (1xWeek, 2xWeek, 3xWeek, etc). 

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