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INTRODUCING: Dr. Eryn Murphy

Before I let Eryn introduce herself, I have to say my little something about my buddy! She is one smart lady! She has a real talent for taking seemingly complicated topics, and making them not so scary. She is super encouraging, relatable, and truly just a joy to be around. So naturally, I couldn't wait to ask her to contribute to the Blogs! I was pumped she was willing to share her thoughts, knowledge, and experiences! You all are in for a real treat getting to know her! Okay Dr. Murphy, the floor is yours!

A Little About Me:

When Jenna reached out to see if I was interested in contributing to this soul project of hers, I was elated. A platform to share my experiences and all I’ve learned in an accessible and friendly atmosphere? She was speaking my language. But I feel like these little blog posts need a little context. I’m an Assistant Professor at Colorado College. One of the things I attempt to do in every class is identify where I’m coming from… name the experiences I have that have helped me form my opinions on the matter… acknowledge my biases…. You know- be transparent.

I grew up wanting to be a doctor. When I was 11, my dad had a minor heart attack. Of course, at 11, minor means nothing and heart attack means terrifying. I remained motivated to be in the health field but as I got older and more educated, I decided I didn’t want to be reactive as our healthcare system tends to be… I wanted to prevent those terrifying moments for as many families as possible.

I swam on scholarship in college, so I am familiar with the athlete mindset. I am also familiar with the identity crisis that follows after you’ve outgrown competition. After finishing my bachelors in Kinesiology, I was under the false impression that the degree itself was a dead end, and I would need a master’s degree. I went on to finish my Master’s of Science in Kinesiology, and then ultimately my PhD in Kinesiology as well. My course work and research took me to corners of biomechanics, exercise science, athletic performance, aging, physiology and so much more.

I am a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association and a Certified Exercise Physiologist through the American College of Sports Medicine. And I am here to tell you that health is not complicated. I am also here to acknowledge that my field, historically wants you to believe otherwise.

What am I doing now? I am an Assistant Professor at Colorado College, attempting to simplify health, wellness and humans for our next generation of coaches, enthusiasts or health care professionals. Attempting to remind each of them that behind any set of labs, plate or dumbbells is a human, a sister, an uncle, a parent. And lucky y’all- now you get to peruse my little thought-nuggets and rants at your leisure. Consider this my diary… random thoughts, hopes, wishes, even frustrations from my brain onto paper…verbatim I might add…stream of consciousness at worst.

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