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Keepin' it REAL.

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

The BEST way to get the most from Personal Training.

As a Personal Trainer, I hear this all the time from new clients, "I'm ready to make a lifestyle change!" and then I start asking questions about their life, their goals, and their habits. I can only go off of what the client says, because I am not with them for 23hrs of the day! So when the client is not being real with me, we just spin in circles. But I get it, it can be so scary to expose your life, and habits to a new person that has made fitness their life! I imagine there may be a fear of judgement...

"Keep it real, be honest with your Personal Trainer."

If you are new to working out, I highly suggest investing in yourself and hiring a Personal Trainer. However, you MUST be honest with your Trainer! Be honest about your exercise experience, your habits, your goals, and your health. Quality Personal Trainers are not in the business to judge you, they are there to help you. The fear of being judged mixed with the lack of honesty won’t get you the results you desire. Getting a Trainer for the goal of a significant transformation in aesthetics or health, your habits are going to be pretty exposed. That can be scary! However, If you think about it, it’s the only way to change your life, how can a PT truly help you if you are hiding essential pieces to the puzzle? Keep it real, be honest with your Personal Trainer.

This works both ways! A quality Trainer will be honest with you as well! If you have a goal of losing 60lbs in 2 weeks, a quality Trainer will tell you that goal is unrealistic for that timeframe, and suggest a more attainable/healthy goal for 2 weeks. That will sound frustrating, but if a Trainer says 60lbs in 2weeks will be possible... RUN AWAY! I imagine you would also want your Trainer to be honest with you if you are performing an exercise incorrectly, to protect you from injury.

Bottom line, keep it real with your Trainer, and more importantly yourself! Being real about your habits, your experience, and overall health will pay off. This may be uncomfortable at first but if you want to make a real change this is the first step...and if you feel like your Trainer is judging you, or feel like your Trainer is not being real with you... find a new Trainer!

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