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I, the participant, being aware of my own health and physical condition, and having knowledge that my participation in any exercise program may be injurious to my

health, am voluntarily participating in physical activity. 

Having such knowledge, I hereby acknowledge this release, any representatives,

agents, and successors from liability for accidental injury or illness which I may incur

as a result of participating in the said physical activity. I hereby assume all risks

connected therewith and consent to participate in said program.

I agree to disclose any physical limitations, disabilities, ailments, or impairents

which may affect my ability to participate in said fitness program.

To put it simply:

By purchasing and/or participating in any fitness program, or any services offered on this site, you are assuming ALL risk. You are agreeing that, Benefit Health and Fitness, LLC (Jenna Banegas) will not be held liable for any accidental injury or illness which may occur from participating. 

Your health and safety is the most important thing to me! Let's protect each other and stay safe! :)


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