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Client Highlights

All training is tailored to the client! Everyone is Welcome! 


"I have known Jenna Banegas for several years as a friend and as a client. Jenna was my personal trainer, guiding me to reach my goals in strength training, balance, and muscle toning. Jenna built a program specifically for my small 95 pound frame and diagnosis of osteoporosis, but concentrating on weight bearing exercises for me as I was training to walk a pilgimage in Santiago Spain. Jenna’s expertise on anatomy, physiology and kinesiology was evident with her attention to proper body mechanics in all areas of training. My program was fun, challenging, and varied in scope. Jenna used a variety of equipment, and it seemed we never used the same equipment twice. Every meeting was different. Jenna is punctual, reliable, honest, and always gave me her full attention. She addressed any concerns, I had, answered any questions that arose, explained reasoning behind certain moves, and always challenged me to greater reward. She is a very happy person, and obviously enjoyed her work, all the while continuing her studies in her chosen field. Jenna also gave her full attention to the clock and made sure I received every minute I paid for. She is a true gem in her field and would be an asset to any employment she seeks. " - L.S.

"Jenna is a great personal trainer, that is very professional. During session she gives her full attention. She was very patient with me, and motivated me to continue training. Jenna was able to work with my chronic injuries (spinal fusion, neuropathy, TBI), and modify exercises so I could still make strength gains without being in pain. This was the first time I was not made to feel limited by my injuries! -L.P.

"She was very knowledgable in training me after the conculsion of my cardio rehab. Understanding considerations and precautions with medications, blood pressure, and my pacemaker. She is a pleasant person to work with and shows her clients sincere interests." -G.M.

"Jenna is a wonderful and inspiring trainer. She legitimately listens to my training goals and helps to ensure they are addressed. She is not a one size fits all trainer, she wants to help you meet your goals and it shows through the programs she tailors for you. She looks for feedback on the workouts and adjusts as needed based on my goals and preferences. She continues to motivate me and even checks in on my mental well being during our in-person sessions. She is available to answer any questions/concerns I have throughout the process and is quick to respond. Highly recommend Jenna if you are looking for a caring and motivating trainer that is on your side." -D.M.

"I enjoy working with Jenna! I’ve been going to her three times a week for about two months and have already seen great improvements in my weight loss and especially in my increase in strength. Although she is quiet, she is awesome at challenging me as well as encouraging and motivating me to finish the last rep or set! Jenna is a knowledgeable personal trainer and has been passing on her knowledge to me so that one day in the near future, I will be able to accomplish my workout goals on my own. Whenever I’ve doubted my abilities, she has always found a way to boost my confidence. She has also helped me whenever I have had questions or concerns about my diet. Jenna is always upbeat and is easy to get along with. In short, Jenna is a superb personal trainer and coach!" -T.W.

"Jenna has been a positive force in my health. She is compassionate, yet challenging, and I have noticed improvement in physical strength and mobility. I always look forward to our appointments." -D.H.

"Jenna is an excellent trainer. She is very knowledgeable and professional. I am a 64 year old woman who has been an instructor in the fitness industry for over 30 years. I am currently a Romana’s Pilates International certified instructor. I teach both equipment and mat Pilates, and personal training with Jenna has been an incredible boost in my desire to round out my health and longevity goals." -J.M.

"5 stars doesn’t quite cut it. Jenna is an amazing health and fitness coach. Her programs are tailored to each client, and she’s very intentional with her plans and programs. I came to her for physical fitness coaching, but the changes I’ve experienced in my mental health have been an added bonus. I can’t recommend her enough!!" -A.H.

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