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Available Services

All pricing is tailored to the individuals needs, and goals. 

In-Person Training

In-Person Training Benefits: -Ideal for newcomers to fitness. -Boosts confidence in the gym. -Provides extra accountability. -Enjoy the routine with human interaction. Pricing varies based on: -Session frequency (1xWeek, 2xWeek, 3xWeek, etc.). -Session location (Bionic Barbell or Private).

Total Wellness Package

Total Wellness Program Highlights: -12-week duration, encompassing tailored fitness, nutrition, and mental health components. -Designed for individuals experiencing a connection between mental and physical health. -Access to qualified personal trainers and mental health professionals for personalized guidance. -Flexibility in training to accommodate individual schedules and preferences. -Utilizes free apps such as TrainHeroic for adaptable workouts and MyFitnessPal for tracking. -Personalized wellness journal to monitor your journey and adjust plans as needed. -Weekly meetings addressing mental health topics, promoting lifestyle and sustainable changes. -Equips you with valuable tools and coping skills to enhance overall wellness while providing flexibility in your training approach.

Online Training

Online Personal Training Benefits: -Ideal for autonomous individuals. -Suitable for those with exercise experience. -Provides a structured workout plan. -Convenient for scheduling flexibility. -Accessible for clients outside of Las Cruces. Utilizes the FREE TrainHeroic App with comprehensive exercise videos. Pricing varies based on: -Duration of the training plan (4, 6, 8, 12 Week Plans). -Frequency of check-ins (1xWeek, 2xWeek, 3xWeek).

Wellness Performance Coaching

Wellness Performance Coaching Overview: -A professional service for achieving personal and professional goals. -Empowers individuals to make positive changes and enhance well-being. -Focuses on goal setting, accountability, and problem-solving. -Encourages self-discovery and self-improvement. -Provides support, encouragement, and an action-oriented approach. -Acknowledges the interconnectedness of mental and physical well-being. -Creates a non-judgmental space for clients to express thoughts and feelings. -Promotes emotional support, resilience, and confidence. -Supports holistic personal growth and goal achievement.

Hybrid Training

Hybrid Personal Training Features: -Suitable for individuals with prior training experience. -Ideal for autonomous learners seeking new challenges. -Provides routine and structure. -Offers human connection and accountability. -Accommodates limited availability for In-Person Training. -Utilizes the FREE TrainHeroic App for customized plans. -In-Person sessions scheduled based on availability. -Hybrid Training available for clients outside Las Cruces with virtual "In-Person" Sessions via Zoom. Pricing varies based on: -Duration of training plan (4, 6, 8, or 12 Weeks). -Frequency of In-Person Sessions (1xWeek, 2xWeek, 3xWeek, etc.).

Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition Coaching Focus: -Examines the individual's relationship with food and dietary habits. -Provides education on fundamental nutrition principles. -Empowers individuals to build confidence in their nutritional choices aligned with their goals. -Utilizes the FREE MyFitnessPal app for tracking and monitoring. -Check-ins and adjustments occur once every two weeks to ensure progress and address any challenges.


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